How do I get sponsored by Landscape?
Getting sponsored by your local skateshop is a good first step. We get sent lots of videos so the best way to judge yourself is to look at the current videos out there. If you can do what the guys on the team are doing then maybe you're ready.

I want to buy your products but, I can't find them at my local skateshop.
Ask your local skateshop to get it in. They can order directly from Power Distribution and can receive what you want in around a week.
Failing that please check the reputable online skater-owned stores.

Are your products under warranty?
Yes, all of our products are fully covered against manufacturer defects. If you ever have any problems with any of our products please return them to your point of purchase and we will check them out. If the product is defective, we will send you a new one.
Don't try to scam us, we will find out...

I am opening a shop and need some information.
Call Power Distribution on 0208 421 4224 or email powerdist@mac.com.
They will help you with becoming a Landscape Skateboards dealer.


United Kingdom

Power Distribution 
42 Parkfield Avenue 
Harrow, Greater London, HA2 6NP 
Tel +44 208 421 4224 


 Riot Distribution 
4S sarl 81 quai des Chartrons 
33300 Bordeaux 
Tel +33 5 57 87 20 07 


Effix Distribution 
Annastrasse 19 97072 Würzburg 
Fon +49 0931 452541 06 
Fax +49 0931 452541 08


MayDay Distribution 
Via Michelangelo Buonarroti, 
1/F, 42015 Correggio 
Tel +39 0522 642 740‎