Age: 22
Born, raised and now reside: All over South Manchester's hoods, still in the hood but living good.
Sponsors: Landscape, Nike (flow), Note, Dickies.
Trick: Switch back 3's at the moment.
While skating: I love just rolling down the street most of all, best feeling in the world man can't beat it really.
While not skating: Working, chilling with my girl smashing some 360 having a beer with the fam rounds it up I think!
Wisdom: Romans built a lot of Castlefield Manchester back in the day when they were straight taking over. You can see the remains just by the white ledges we skate, pretty mad to think that that where we skate and chill up is where the Romans had been at it long time before… Haha, history 101 with Ty!
Wisdom: Stay in school keep skating an most of all keep it real! Snake•eyes•dies.