Good Luck Our Kid


Daniel “Snowy” Kinloch was the reason Fos started this small British skateboard company some 13 years ago. He didn’t really fit the heroin vibe at the time so Fos came up with Landscape. Since then Snowy has smashed it all over the world travellelling far and wide logging moves for portraits, horizons and a number of other projects. So it’s a real shame but snowy is moving on as he continues to smash it with his photography, he decided he wanted to call it a day. Everyone here at Landscape would like to say thanks to Snowy for his work over the years, some classic boards, parts and nights out to be remembered! Wish you all the best our kid, I guess we need a new pro?…

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Jin Shimizu Hold Tight Remix

We asked Henry if he would be kind enough to put together jins footage from his bangin hold tight series and a few other projects they’ve worked on in the last few years ,he’s been injured for a while and missed out on a few trips. 
Henry obliged and we’re proud to present Jins remix part …Enjoy ! And cheers Henry!

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