This page is dedicated to all things Landscape over the years. We have had our ups and downs as a company with one thing or another but over the years we have had some amazing moments. We have had a dig through the back catalogue and we have dug out some of our favourites.


The first full length Landscape Skateboards video, filmed and edited by Chris Massy, released on VHS in 2003 and featuring Joel Curtis, Daniel ‘Snowy’ Kinloch, Toby Shuall and Olly Todd, alongside various friends and cohorts.

We’ve got more on Chris to follow, but for now, turn the volume up delve in.

RIP Chris x


This is a short film produced by Sean Lomax. Sean spent 10 days with the entire team out in Athens in January of 2013. whilst we were out there we had one day of rain which was our excuse to go for a “team bonding” session at a local pub. Day after day we skated the best spots everything out there was like a dream. The photo was taken in the middle of the trip when we were taken up too the hills to skate a spot in the mountains. The spot its self was bliss, no people around just a ledge and this view. The trip in general was amazing we logged plenty of footage, shot a bunch of photos and skated all day everyday.



Toby played a massive part in the early days of Landscape, He was a huge inspiration to every single member of the team. He produced one of the greatest sections for “Portraits” as well as some of the greatest board graphics we have released. We are very grateful for the work Toby put in with Landscape.

Taken from Dan Magee and Adam Mondons classic “First Broadcast” Toby blessed us with possibly the best frontside nollie heel ever ….Inspiring a generation at the same time.

The logo at the start is from “Organic”, Landscapes first name which was sacked off after the US brand “Organica” came out.


These graphics were one of the first series of graphics released once Landscape became the companies name, after the name change from Organic.


Josh Stewart released the first static in (1999??) setting the standard for all things raw and east coast ..with his signature classic style of producing videos they soon became instant classics keeping the entire skate world waiting eagerly for the next. Snowy had to wait till statics fifth offering to get his but it was worth the wait as he comes through with power and one of the best shuvit flips ever!


At the end of 2012, The landscape crew were gearing up to jet off to Athens with the “new guy” on the team. Joe Gavin, well he might have been new to the team but he has been constantly for decades put out section after section of amazing footage. Fair to say that everyone on the team was hyped.

Joe puts out more parts than most people, and no doubt he will be still be putting parts out for landscape in years to come.


Jin is the most perfect fitting skater for landscape. His style is one of the best out there and he has always had one of the best trick selections. Jin jumped onboard halfway through filming for Horizon’s and joined us on a big push in 2007.


In 2008 we welcomed Nick Stansfield to the full team .Ater a year of flowing this young stockport lad boards we made it official and got him on board or “Fully on lanners” as he would say.. Nick grew up shredding stockport and Manchester with his Sub 50 crew and always had a unique style. Since then Nick has continued to put out full interviews and various parts Tearing shit up all over the UK and over seas. After nearly Ten years of skating for Landscape he is an integral part of the team allways keeping the hype. Stay tuned for more Nick news soon.


Joel Curtis laid down some pretty heavy roots in Sheffield regarding Landscape and set up a connection that had to be built upon. After Horizons Joel retired and made way for a new generation, Ash was a perfect fit for Landscape with his smooth ledge skating he brought something new to the table.

Watch out for more of Ash as him and Landscape filmer Matt Hirst continue to battle out the lines in raw conditions



Landscape Skateboards presents Paris. A promotional film by Alan Glass. (2006) Featuring Soy Panday, Daniel ‘Snowy’ Kinloch, Joleon Pressey, Rory Milanes and Mark Foster